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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
George Brewer Other Spouses:
    Birth: 1685 -
    Death: 1744 - Brunswick, Virginia
    Marriage: 1705 -
Sarah Lanier
    Birth: 1686 - Charles City County, Virginia
    Death: 1724 -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   William Brewer
    Born 1706 -
     Died -
   Oliver Brewer
    Born 1708 -
     Died 1792 -
   Henry Brewer
    Born 1710 -
     Died 1779 - North Carolina
   Nathaniel Brewer
    Born 1712 -
     Died -
   Sarah Brewer
    Born 1714 -
     Died -
  Lanier Brewer
    Born 1716 - Surrey, Virginia
     Died 1795 -
   Nicholas Brewer
    Born 1720 -
     Died -
   John Brewer
    Born 1724 -
     Died -
  George Brewer
    Born ABT 1715 - Surry County, Virginia
     Died ABT 24 Oct 1760 - Meherrin, Brunswick County, Virginia
  Howell Brewer
    Born ABT 1723 -
     Died 1816 - Tennessee

Probate and Land information for George Brewer, Brunswick, VA -- David G Brewer 
From the Lanier Family Genealogy Page at

Sarah Lanier was born in Charles City County, Virginia, about 1686. She was the daughter of John
Lanier, Jr. and Sarah Edmunds, the widow of Wiliam Edmunds. She married George Brewer about 1705. He
was the son of John Brewer III.

His will names ten children by his wife, Sarah; they were: William, Oliver, Henry, Nathaniel, Sarah,
Lanier, George,Jr. Nicholas, John, and Howell.

Sarah died between 1724 and 1729. 

From Earnest Stanley on the Brewer GenForum at

Page 91. Will. Jul 13, 1741. 
  I, George Brewer in Brunswick, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind
  To my son William Brewer - that parcel of land  where he no~ lives, bounded by
  the branch on this side of his house and all on  the south side thereof.
  To my son Oliver Brewer - the rest of this tract  whereon I now dwell.
  To my son Henry Brewer - all that tract of land  between Fountain Cr and 
  To my son Nathaniel Brewer - 250 acres of land on both side of old Roanoke Road.
  To my daughter Sarah Vick - 150 acres on both sides of the of old Roanoke Road.
  To my wife Alice - the estate whereon we now dwell, and all my household goods
  and stock, for the maintenance of all my younger children, during her life or until
  she marries again.
  To my son Lanier Brewer - a young steer.
  To my son George Brewer - a young steer.
  To my son Nicholas Brewer - a cow and calf.
  To my son John Brewer - a cow and calf.
  To my son Hoel Brewer - a young horse that we call snip, and feathers to make    him a bed.
  To my son Henry Brewer - a young horse that we call Patrick and a gun.
  To my son Oliver Brewer - a gun. To my son Nathaniel Brewer - a gun.
  When my wife dies or marries again, it is my will that my personal estate
  together with all my household goods and stock, may be equally divided among
  my younger children.
  Feb 28 1723-  George Brewer lived on lower left of Reedy Branch ,100 acres in Dinwiddie 
  County Va.   Land is  Just above Merehrin river  on Wyches branch  -Land left to son 
  Henry Brewer lies on Fontaines Creek between Beaverpond creek and the Merehrin river 
  near North Carolina line.
  Land left to Nathaniel Brewer lies up above Hicksford near Harrys swamp
  p:556  aug 10, 1722  Nicholas Brewer, sr. of saint Martins Brandon parish Prince George co. 
  to his son Nicholas Brewer Jr. and Elizabeth his wife, of same, for love and affection, 
  50 acres lying on the south side of Harrys run in Prince George co in Martins Brandon 
  parish, next to John Hobbs ,dec's, James Jones house,Mr. John Hardyman.
  wit Edward Prince ,James Moody Robert Tillman rec. Sep 11 1722
2006-12-15 13:23:53