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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Spencer Smith
    Birth: 1787 - Accomack County, Virginia
    Death: 04 Dec 1871 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Marriage: -
Jane Virginia Wilson Other Spouses:
    Birth: 1825 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Death: 1893 - Wayne County, Tennessee
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Richard Smith
    Born 1840 - Tennessee
     Died -
  Sarah Olive Smith
    Born 1841 - Tennessee
     Died 1932 - Beckham County, Oklahoma
  James Harrison Smith
    Born 1843 - Tennessee
     Died -
  Julia A. Frances Smith
    Born 15 Jul 1845 - Wayne County, Tennessee
     Died 16 Nov 1922 -
  Easter B. Smith
    Born 10 Jun 1846 - Wayne County, Tennessee
     Died 16 Feb 1930 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Harriet Smith
    Born 1853 - Tennessee
     Died -
   Daniel Bird S. Smith
    Born 1857 - Tennessee
     Died 1914 -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
Given Jane's extreme difference in age from Spencer, it's unclear what the Jane's and Spencer's
history were before 1850.  Are the children listed in 1850 their children, or a blended family from
previous marriages?

1850 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
5th District - 8 October 1850

  599 605
  Spencer Smith  63 M Farmer 4500 Va
  Jane           25 F             Tenn
  Richard        10 M             Tenn
  Sarah           9 F             Tenn
  James           7 M             Tenn
  Francis         4 F             Tenn
  Ester           1 F             Tenn
  Ester B.       70 F             Geo  [blind]

1860 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
5th District - 6 June 1860

  67 67
  Spencer Smith  69 M Farmer 8000 11200 Va
  Jane           36 F                   Tenn
  Richard        18 M Farm Laborer      Tenn
  Harrison       16 M Farm Laborer      Tenn
  Esther R.      10 F                   Tenn
  Hariet          7 F                   Tenn
  Daniel B.       3 M                   Tenn

1870 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
11th District - 27 August 1870

  102 102
  Smith, Spencer  81 M W Farmer 4500 Va
  Jane            40 F W             Tenn
  Daniel D.       13 M W             Tenn

From Garry Wayne Brewer:

From Chancery Court Loose Records 1890-1899 Wayne County, Tennessee:  Plaintiff James A. Smith
Defendant B.F.Arnett  Daniel B. Smith a person of unsound mind, who sues by James H. Smith his next
kin, both resident of Wayne County against B.F. Arnett, a resident of the state of Texas, R.C.
Martin, Julia A. Brewer and S. James Arnett, citizens of Wayne County.  From case records: That at
the signing of the deed Jane Brewer was old and illiterate could neither read nor write and that
Daniel B. Smith was a person of unsound mind. That in January 1894, shortly after Jane Brewer died
and at the request of R.C. Martin trustee W.L. Bromley, sold land to the hightest bidder and
R.C.Martin, bid same off (note: Daniel B. Smith, James H. Smith, Julia A. Brewer,are brothers and
sister, B.F.Arnett is an brother in law, husband of Sarah Smith, Richard Smith and Harriett Smith
must have died by this date.  Jane Virginia Wilson, first married Spencer Smith, then Andrew Jackson
Brewer, Andrew Jackson Brewer is the father of W.A. Brewer, who married Jane's daughter Julia. Jane
Virginia Wilson sister Elizabeth was married to George W. Brewer, father of Richard M. Brewer who
stated in this case the following:  November 12, 1897 Wayne County: R.M. Brewer, I am 54 years old
and live within two miles from Waynesboro, a farmer. I was born and rasied on Butlers Creek and lived
there until 1891, and live where I now live since then. I am my own cousin to Dan and James H. Smith,
Jane Brewer was my Aunt. they didn't swap the land that was willed to them.

From Garry Wayne Brewer:

Daniel Bird S. Smith, never married and lived as an adult first with his mother and later with his
brother. James Harrison Smith, Daniel was crippled. One family tradition say crippled from falling
from a horse, another family tradition crippled from a disease  His tombstone has a pair of crutches
engraved on it and give his birth dat as 25 June 1861, and his death date as 21 Jane 1914.
2007-09-02 21:28:03