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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
John William Provance
    Birth: 30 Nov 1742 - Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania
    Death: 1796 -
    Marriage: -
Sarah Yard Other Spouses:
    Birth: 1724 -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Samuel Provance
    Born -
     Died -
  Joseph Yard Provance
    Born 31 Mar 1764 - Frederick County, Virginia
     Died 16 May 1843 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
   Parmelia Provance
    Born 25 Nov 1772 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
     Died -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1767 - Hart's History and Directory of Three Towns: Brownsville, Bridgeport, and West Brownsville
p. 35

    The extension of the Mason and Dizon line to the second crossing of Dunkard Creek during 1767 disclosed the fact that this territory was in Pennsylvania and not in Virginia, and the Governor of Pennsylvania then issued an ironclad proclamation threating death without even the solace of a clergyman, to those who did not vacate. To explain the law and the ultimatum, Governor Penn sent Rev. Captain Steele of the Presbyterian church of Carlisle, Cumberland County, John Allison, Christopher Lewis, and Captain Porter, into the valleys of the Monongahela, Youghiogheny and Redstone. These gentlemen held a meeting at Fort Burd or near it, March 27, 1767, at which they read the Governor's proclamation and explained the reasons for it but just about this time a number of Indians came on the scene as representatives of their great men and said that the settlers should not go till the conclusion of a treaty then pending. This virtually settled it and the settlers did not go. Another meeting was held at Gist's, however, but with no better results and shortly afterward the commissioners returned home. In their report of the mission, they gave the names of the settlers at the different points which as it shows virtuall the entire population or the heads of families then in Fayette Count, we here append the list as it appears in Ellis' History of Fayette County. List of Settler at Redstone Old Fort, Gist's, Turkeyfoot "The names of inhabitants near Redstone:-John Wiseman, Henry Prisser, william Linn, William Colvin, John Vervalson, Abraham Tygard, Thomas Brown, Richard Rogers, Henry Swatz (Swartz), Joseph McClean, Jesse Martin, Adam Hatton, John Verwall, Jt., James Waller, Thomas Douter (Douthet who owned a part of the site of Uniontown), Captain Coburn, John Delong, Peter Young, George Martin, Thomas Down, Andrew Gudgeon, Philip Sute, James Crawford, John Peters, Michael Hooter, Andrew Linn, Gabriel Conn, John Martin, Hans Cook, Daniel McKay, Josias Crawford, one Province." "The names of some who met us at Giesse's (Gist's) place:-One Bloomfield (probably Brownfield), James Lynn, Ezekiel Johnson, Richard Harrison, Phil Sute, Jed Johnson, Thomas Geisse (Gist), Charles Lindsay, James Wallace (Waller), Henry Burkman, Lawrence Harrison, Ralph Hickenbottom." "Names of the people at Turkeyfoot:- Henry Abrahams, Ezekiel DeWitt, James Spencer, Benjamin Jennings, John Cooper, Ezekiel Hickman, John Enslow, Henry Enslow, Benjamin Pursley." In a supplemental report, Steele set forth the fact to the Governor that the people at Redstone alleged that the removal of them from the unpurchased lands was a scheme of some gentlemen and merchants at Philadelphia to get hold of the lands as soon as the purchase was made from the Indians and thus get the benefits of the improvements they had made.
1767 - History of Fayette Co., German TWP BYU Film #270 p. 591 According to Withers, "Several families had settled on the Monongahela, in what was once part of German, as early as 1767. Among these were John W. Provance, Joseph G. Provance. and John Hardin...The oldest land titles are those of the Provance's, Gillmore's, and Rabb's. viz.: John W. Provance, warrant dated Oct. 11, 1771; surveyed March 10, 1772; number of acres 347. Joseph Yard Provance, warrant dated Oct. 11, 1771; number of acres, 366; surveyed March 11, 1772... 1779: John Wm. Provance of Westm. Co., Pa. to John Kennedy 200 a. in Westm. Co. Nov. 30, 1779. (Source: Deed Records, 1782-1785, Washington Co., Pa., Raymond Martin Bell, pg. 28) 04 Mar 1780. Deed. John William Province of Westmoreland County to Robert McClean of Loudin County, Va., merchant. Whereas the Proprietaries by their warrant 11 Oct 1771 granted to be surveyed to John William Province 300 acres adjoining James Gilmore on the east side of the Monongahela River in Bedford County. Now for L17,000 U. S. currency Province sells this land to McClean. Witnesses: Dennis Springer and Alexander McClean. (page 230) (Source: Abstracts of Deeds, Westmoreland County, Pa., Book A-1) 1785 - 974.884 R4f Taxpayers of Fayette Co., PA P.128 Province, Sarah German TWP 1785 The Will of Sarah Yard Provance - April 17, 1796 Will Book No. 1, Page No. 1 : Greene County Pennsylvania In the name of God, Amen, I Sarah Provance of Washington County and State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body, but sound in mind and memory, blessed by to almighty God for same, callling unto mind the mortality of my body, and know it is appointed for all men and women once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following. I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection to receive the same again by the might power of God, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form: First: It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid by my executor. Second: I give and bequeath to my well beloved step-son John Provence three hundred acres of land lying in Harrison County and state of Virginia on Camp Creek, a branch of the little Kanhawa a part of a tract containing 1500 acres to him and his heirs forever. Third: I give and bequeath to my well beloved grandson David Wright four hundred acres of land part of the first mentioned 1500 acres to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Fourth: I give and bequeath to my well beloved grandson David Wright’s son David 300 acres of land part of said 1500 acres to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Fifth: I give and bequeath to my well beloved granddaughter Permilla Rockhold 250 acres of land, part of the said 1500 acres to her heirs and assigns forever. Sixth: I give and bequeath to my well beloved step-daughter Margaret Casto 200 acres of the said 1500 acres to her and her heirs forever. Seventh: I give and bequeath to my well beloved step-daughter Jane McClelland 50 acres it being the last of said 1500 acres to her and her heir and assigns forever. Eighth: I give and bequeath to my grandchildren, children of Rachel Harges 500 acres of land to be equally divided among them, it being part of 1000 acres of land lying in Harrison County and state of Virginia on the waters of Mill Creek above John McFarlands first entry to them and their heirs and assigns forever. Ninth: I give and bequeath to my grandchildren, children of Mary Brown 500 acres of land, half of said 100 acres of land to be equally divided among them and their heirs and assigns forever. Tenth: I give and bequeath to me well beloved son Joseph Yard Provence 1000 acres of land lying on Harrison County, Virginia on Mill Creek to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Eleventh: And further I bequeath to him the said Joseph Yard Provence and to his heirs and assigns forever, one tract of land lying on Dunkard Creek, Washington Co., state of Pennsylvania known by the name of Devils Alley 357 1/4 acres. Twelvth: I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Benjamin Wright 284 3/4 acres of land lying in Washington Co., and state of Pennsylvania called and known by the name of Marygold[?}, and also all my lands on Mill Creek that I have clear of dispute and also that, that is disputed in law at Richmond and if the said disputed land is recovered, it is my desire that 200 acres shall be given to the parsonage which land lying in Harrison County and State of Virginia to him, the said Benjamin Wright and his heirs and assigns forever. Thirteenth: I give and bequeath 200 acres of land lying in Alleghany County to be sold by my executor and transferred to the use of the Methodist Society. Fourteenth: I give and bequeath 200 acres of land lying in Allegheny County and State of Pennsylvania to be sold by my executor and the money transferred to the use of the Presbyterian Society. Fifteenth: I give and bequeath 270 acres of land lying on Pappays Creek in Monongahela County and State of Virginia to be solf by my exector and the money given to the use of the poor. Sixteenth: I give and bequeath one cow named Cherry to Elizabeth Wright, Benjamin Wright’s daughter. Seventeenth: I give and bequeath one two year old heifer to Sarah Rochhold, a daughter of Permelia Rockhold. Eighteenth: I give and bequeath one large ewe to Kellem Gautherd. Nineteenth: I give and bequeath on eyear old ewe to Francis Gautherd. Twentieth: I give and bequeath one side saddle to Elizabeth Gautherd. 21St: I give and bequeath on ekettle that holds 3 or 4 gallons to Sarag Doughles, Thomas’ daughter. 22nd: I give and bequeath one horse and tramble to my son Joseph Provence. 23rd: I give and bequeath 3 weathers, 1 tramble, 1 shovel, 1 pair of tongs, 1 bundle of cloths numbered 1 to Sarah Wright. 24th: I give one bundle of cloths no. 2 to Mary Wright. 25th: I give and bequeath one bundle of cloths no. 3 to Permilla Rocchold. 26th: I give and bequeath one bundle of cloths no. 4 to Elizabeth Provence. 27th: I give and bequeath one bundle of cloths no. 5 to Margaret Casto. 28th: I give and bequeath 25 doz. of 7 hundred thread equally between Elizabeth Provence, and Mary Wright and Permilla Rocchold. 29th: I give and bequeath one kettle biggest size to Sarah Yard Provence. 30th: I give and bequeath one kettle to David Wrights son David. 31st: I give and bequeath one kettle to Sarah Wright, daughter of David Wright. 32nd: I give and bequeath one kettle largest size to Sarah Wright, daughter of Benjamin Wright. Lastly: I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Benjamin Wright whom I likewise constitute, [..], and ordain the sole executor of this last will and testament, all and singular, monies, bonds, notes, book debts to have and hold to the only proper use and behalf of him , his heirs and assigns forever, after paying the legacies, and I hereby disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other former testaments, wills, legacies, bequests [...] executors by any wise before named, willed and bequeathed, ratifying, confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I herewith set my hand and seal this 17th day of April 1796. Sarah Provance (Seal) Witness: [..]iel Henrie [..]on Long [..]as White Registers in WIll Book #1 page #1 By John Boreman Register. 26 July 1786 Greene County Pennsylvania. W. Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia POC-REV p. 3910 Province, James O. Early Wirt County family head Province, John Jr. Served from W. Va in Indian Wars following Revolution Suppliment 6 - W. Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia p. 161 James O. Province son of Jesse & Celia Spencer Province misc. - History of New Geneva & Vicinity p. 11 Thomas Provance lived in Monongalia Co. in 1755. In 1773 a taxable in Springhill TWP of Bedford Co. which may correspond to Nicholson TWP of Fayette Co. Married to Sarah Yardley (living 1781 in Green TWP, Washington Co.). Children: Joseph Yard, Samuel, John William Samuel a taxpayer in Greenwood TWP, Cumberland Co. 1778 John William received warantee of land in Bedford Co. Oct. 11, 1771 and served in revolution. Joseph Yard born England Mar. 3, 1746. Owned Provance Bottoms. p. 68 Early Land Owners John W. Provance Springfield 347 acres warr. 10-11-1771 Surveyed 3-10-1772 Patented 9-25-1787 Joseph Y. Provance Provance Island 366 acres warr. 10-11-1771 Surveyed 3-11-1772 Patented 9-25-1787 misc. - From book on Casto Family shared by Jim Casto P. 18 David Casto Jr. b. ca 1758 in N.J., d. Jan 23, 1802 in Upshur Co., Va. m. ca 1780 Green Co., Pa., Margaret Provence, dau. of John William and Elizabeth Thomson Provence After the death of Margaret's mother, her father married, about 1762, the widow Sarah Yard Wright. With a brother John Provence, Jr. and a sister Jane Provence (McCleland), the new family arrived at Ft. Redstone, Pa. while Margaret was a young child. After the death of her father, no doubt, Margaret profited much from the extensive business dealings of her step-mother. Familiar faces at their home included the scout, young Simon Kenton, very impulsive, as well as the more sedate William John who was helping constitute the Forks of Cheat Baptist Church in nothern (W.) Va., as well as obtaining the land where Ripley W.Va. is today. David and Margaret Casto migrated to the Buckhannon settlement following peace with Great Britain. There, Mrs. Provence obtained another grant of land: 1500 acres on Camp Creek... ...John Provence, Jr. was willed 300 acres on Camp Creek and his sister Margaret Casto was bequeathed another 200 acres of land at the death of Mrs. Sarah Provence... p. 138 Sarah Yard was born in 1724, the daughter of Joseph and Susannah Yard, who had married 1717 in Delaware. With her sisters Rachel, Susannah, and Mary Yard, she was christened February 28, 1727, in Philadelphia. (One Sarah Yard, about 1774, operated a reputable boarding house for members of the constitutional convention.) Sarah Yard married Jonathan Wright, a weaver from Hopewell, New Jersey. Together they migrated to Frederick County, Virginia. He may have been the same John Wright of the South Branch of the Potomac, who was killed April 24, 1758. Children of this union were David Wright, Permilla Wright Rockhold, Rachel Wright Harges, Mary Wright Brown, and Benjamin Wright, Sr. Sarah Y. Wright married a second husband John William Provence, who also had children by a former marriage to Elizabeth Thomson. They were: Jane Provence McCleland, Margaret Provence Casto, and John Provence, Jr. The latter served in the militia with David Casto, along with: Lt. William Crawford, John Six, Samuel Brown, Benjamin Wright, and Thomas Hargis. Sarah and John Provence, with their son Joseph Yard Provence, settled south of Redstone Fort, Pennsylvania about 1767. On the east side of the Monongahela River, they built a home north of New Geneva in Westmoreland (Fayette). Provance's Fort built about the same time by Lawrence Provance, was a fortified log house, at Shannon's Run. John W. Provence probably died early in the Revolution because Sarah Provence is named for services rendered in the Monongahela County Public Claims Records. Having lived no more than a decade in Fayette County, it's easy to understand why historians disagree on his name. Sarah and her teenage son moved to the west side of the Monongahela River. She bought and sold settlement rights, such as one from Robert Bennett on Mill Creek, in future Jackson County. And, She was involved in weaving as Jonathan Wright had been, or milling as later Wrights were. Her estate included "twenty-five dozen seven hundred thread and numbered bundles of cloths." Perhaps the number related to threads per inch of bolting clothw, wool, or linen, used to sift ground grain. Marget Cast received a number 5 bundle, as well as 200 acres of land. Besides object and acreage given to her children, step-children, and grand-children, Sarah Provence bequeathed land in Alleghany County to be sold for Methodist and Presbyterian societies' use. (A Robert Ayres had a Presbyterian class on Muddy Creek, and James B. Finley was an early Methodist preacher in that area.) She requested that 170 acres on Paw Paws Creek in Monongalia County be sold for use of the "poore". Who Killen, Frances, and Elizabeth Gautherd were is not known; nor Sarah Douglas, daughter of Thomas. "Her estate was of more value than any other" wrote historian Evans in "Pioneer History of Greene County". 17 Aprile 1796, Sarah Provence wrote: "Knowing that it is appointed for all men and WOMEN once to die....I give and commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth...nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection to receive the same (body) again by the almight power of God." The will was witnessed by Daniel Henrie, Giddeon Long, and James White. p. 142 6) Sarah Wright b. ca 1800, d. before 1850. m. co-owner of her father's mill, Joseph Brown b. 1801. His wife was named Mary, in 1850. 7) Benjamin Wright, Jr. b. 1803, d. Oct. 23, 1875; buried in Early Settler's Cem., Ripley. m. June 19, 1827 Mary Ann Flowers, and divorced m. (2) Eliza Evans. a) Ruamia Wright b. 1828; m. Dec 22, 1842 Edward H. Rader i) Emma J. Rader Clifford b. 1844 ii) James B. Rader b. 1853 iii) Cora A. Rader b. 1855 b) Dr. Elijah B. Wright b. 1831; m. Elizabeth A. Dilworth. i) Madison Wright b. 1855 ii) Dolly Wright b. 1860 iii) Rudolph Wright b. 1866 c) Thomas Wright v. 1835 d) Jane Wright b. 1837 e) James M. Wright b. 1854, d. 1841, buried Early Settler's Cemetary, Ripley. m. Katherine W. b. 1858 d. 1915 8) Mary J. Wright m. Feb. 1820 Elijah Bibbee, son of Joseph (1782) and Margaret Parsons Bibbee (1788). 9) Permilia Wright m. Nicholas Shively. a) Phillip Shively b) John (Jonathan) Shively 10) Rhuama Wright b. 1806 Pa., m. Feb 1, 1826 Ephraim S. Evans b. 1800 in Monongalia Co.; d. 1878 five miles west of Riplay. Whuama was living with Delmer Hopkins in 1880. Ephraim was an assessor, school commissioner, and for 22 years a justice. a) Miriam F. Evans b. 1836; m. 1869 Henry Camden Flesher, attorney. b) Samuel Evans b. 1839 c) Oliver Perry Evans b. 1842 11) Daniel Wright d. ca 1830; m. Mary Blatchley; m. (2) Sarah Woodruff who d. ca 1832, after a year's marriage to Levi Casto a) Elizabeth Wright b. 1822, m. 1838 Jonathan Hyre. 12) Charlotte Wright m. Jeremiah Ackley. Joseph Yard Provence, son of John and Sarah Yard Wright Provence was born 1764. He inherited 1,000 acres on Mill Creek in Harrison County (Wood and Jackson Co.) His will was written May 5, 1843 and proven in Wood County, W.Va., March 20, 1846. He lived in Fayette County, Pa. earlier and married Elizabeth Casto b. 1765, dau. of David and Phebe Gandy Casto of N.J. Elizabeth C. Provence died March 30, 1818. Joseph Provence then married a second wife Rachel Reed. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Casto Provence 1) John William Provence b. January 19, 1785; Fayette Co., Pa. 2) Benjamin E. Provence b. October 7, 1786 3) David Provence b. August 8, 1788 4) Sarah Provence b. July 22, 1790 5) Joseph Provence b. January 8, 1792 6) Elizabeth Provence b. March 3, 1793 7) Lydia Provence b. March 21, 1794 8) Patience Provence b. November 1, 1795, m. Thomas Boise 9) Samuel Provence b. March 5, 1797 10) Thomas Provence b. July 10, 1798 11) Jane Provence b. February 23, 1800 12) Phoebe Provence b. March 7, 1801 13) Jesse Provence b. September 29, 1802, m. Celia Spencer 14) Simeon Provence b. December 1, 1803 15) Uriah Provence b. January 19, 1805 16) Mary Ann Provence b. October 3, 1808 17) Elisha Provence b. July 2, 1810, m. Ann Maria Galliton
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